Natalie Wolfe


Author of Accidental Agreements

Natalie has dedicated years to learning how the Lord loves to bless and heal His people. As the author of the ABC Blessing Book she spent years discovering, with the Lord, how to invite His presence into every area of our lives. This led to writing Accidental Agreements with the Enemy. Natalie wanted to know why certain areas in her life and others lives were not being blessed.

The founder and president of Wolfe Real Estate Company, Natalie’s background in commercial real estate consisted of developing, leasing and selling commercial real estate properties throughout the Midwest with the largest commercial real estate company in the world. She had a thriving 25 year career representing large national corporations, regional and individual owners.  Natalie developed a highly successful 12 acre office park zoned for 185,000 square feet of class A office space.

When the Lord intervened and gave Natalie a hunger, thirst and understanding of God’s world, she began searching for the truth in God’s word about blessings and taking territory for the Lord.

Natalie is a member of the Global Awakening Association of Certified Healing Ministers and Joan Hunter Ministries alliance. She completed Randy Clark’s intensive Christian Healing Certification Program focused on inner healing and  physical healing. She also completed Joan Hunter Ministries Healing School and was ordained through Joan Hunter Ministries in 2016.

Accidental Agreements is a powerful book to assist believers in receiving amazing blessings! See it here.

Author. Mother. Spiritual Leader.

Natalie has facilitated numerous Bible studies and teachings for groups.

Through struggles in her own life, she had many questions regarding God’s blessings for her and her family. They seemed minimal. Yet, this did not line up with her belief that God is a good father who loves to bless His kids. Instead of giving up, she set out on an intentional quest to find the answers in the word of God.



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